Arika Alice Narikiyoは幼少期を含め計5年間ハワイに住む。ハワイ大学美術学部卒業後グローバル人材を育成する会社に入社。その後東京藝術大学院美術研究科グローバルアートプラクティス専攻修士修了。2017年に友人とブランドAlice and Grace Entertainmentを立ち上げ、イベント出店を行いながらアーティスト兼イラストレーターとしても制作活動を行う。



Arika Alice Narikiyo creates painting inspired by the vivid natural colors of Hawaiʻi. She is currently an artist/illustrator but also working at global educational company in Japan. Based on her experience of studying abroad and love of American R&B singer Beyonce, she created paintings that contain language or symbols of countries with women.

In 2018, she researched about Hawaiʻi’s homelessness problem for her graduate school program, Tokyo University of the Arts. When she returned to Japan after studying abroad, she faced with the tourism industry’s barrage of picturesque and paradise-like images of Hawaiʻi. One of her goal is to make Japanese more outgoing through exhibiting her works to let more people know what is the reality behind the scene or tourism.


Also, her artworks need an essence of curiosity and imagination. But most importantly she wants people to feel some hope and happiness from her creation!